concrete tile roofing

Concrete Tile Roofing

Does your tile roofing require a complete upgrade? Contact Central Coast Roof Tiling Solutions to transform your old and tired looking roof.

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Why You Need Concrete Tile Roofing for your Home

  • Strong and durable
  • Long lasting with regular maintenance
  • Cheaper and affordable when compared to clay or slate tiles
  • Enhances the visual appeal of your home

Roofing Maintenance

Concrete tile roofing requires regular inspection and maintenance, the absence of which can lead to deterioration. It requires a specialised maintenance coating from time to time to prevent tile erosion. Erosion can lend the structure porous and can lead to moisture build up.

Discoloration of tiles is another common problem in concrete tile roofing. The colour of the tiles does not last long and the roofing may need a full roof restoration. Full roof restoration also helps in any leakages in the tile.

Why Choose Us

We undertake installation of all concrete and terracotta roof tiles. We provide re-roofing solutions to mend and fix your damaged roof. Your home or commercial establishment is in safe hands with our experienced crew who will assess the condition of your roof and deal with issues promptly.

Apart from this, we also provide an eight year written workmanship warranty on the roof installation of concrete tile roofing and full roof replacements. This means that there will be no extra cost to rectify the problem if you are unsatisfied with any area in the roofing work.

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