Reroofing Central Coast

Are you tired of the aging roof tiles? Looking to fix the damaged roof? Are you considering reroofing?

There comes a time when reroofing is economical than roof repairs. This could be because your tiles have aged, or the metal roof is damaged. Sometimes, repair or restoration isn’t just possible or feasible.

Central Roof Solutions specialise in reroofing. Whether your roof is damaged, wearing out, leaking or has been poorly installed, our reroofing Central Coast experts have you covered.

Reroofing Central CoastBenefits of Reroofing

Reroofing comes with myriad benefits of its own. It may not come cheap, but the benefits more than make up for the investment.

  • Reroofing Central CoastReplace worn out and cracked tiles
  • Long term solution for leaking roofs
  • Does away with the hassle of matching old tiles with the new ones
  • Improved ventilation and insulation for your roof
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Install improved and much more efficient drainage system on your roof
  • Restore the aesthetic appeal of your property
  • Increase the value of your home
  • If you are considering a new coat of exterior paint, we can match the colour of your new roof to the new colour

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How We Do It

Our reroofing Central Coast experts will begin by removing the existing roof and dispose of the materials safely. We will then fit sarking and install battens if necessary. The next step is to install your chosen roofing material – tile, tin or colorbond. We then re-bed and re-point the ridge capping, which is followed by caulking and sealing the roof. The final stage is to inspect the work and clean up the space to leave behind a sparkling new roof for you to enjoy.

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